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Japanese Beauty Haul

When I say that I hate to unpack, I mean it.  Although my trip to Japan was about 6 months ago I’ve only just gotten around to unpacking everything.  Here are my first impressions of some of the beauty products I picked up in department stores and drugstores around Tokyo.  Unlike the usual beauty spree, where I’m basing my purchases off of reviews and the labels, everything chosen during my trip was pure

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What’s In My Bag? Christmas Eve Disneyland Edition

Disneyland during the Holidays seems inexplicably more magical than usual, doesn’t it?  On Christmas Eve I took a little road trip to California so my best friend and I could reunite, after months of separation, at “The Happiest Place On Earth.”  The tricky thing about packing for a theme park is bringing all the necessities needed to keep you looking and feeling refreshed, but still packing light enough to be comfortable

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Sweet Little Staycation | SLS Las Vegas

This weekend I had a “Sweet Little Staycation” courtesy of SLS Las Vegas.  The SLS Bevery Hills is one of my favorite boutique hotels so I was excited to experience the new location as a guest, and not just a passerby as I have in the past.  Out of the three towers, each with distinct looks and all designed by Philippe Starck, my room was located in the World Tower.

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Beauty on the Go | Travel Tips

Maintaining strong skincare and haircare routines while traveling can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to make more room for shoes in your suitcase.  Although my packing skills still need a little polishing* they’ve improved so much this past year especially in the beauty department.  Here are some products I love to travel with and the tips I always follow. *The understatement of the century

Tokyo, Japan | Photo Diary

Almost two months later and I’m finally getting around to uploading my photos from Japan, the final leg of my Asia Trip.  After Thailand and Singapore I found myself wandering around Tokyo alone for a few days while I waited for Candis to meet me after her honeymoon (in the Maldives, how dreamy) so we could spend the week together.  A huge thank you to Denise + Ashley, two of my expat friends

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  Sharing some of my memories from last weeks work trip to Houston, Texas via my instagram snaps (@elle_kae).  While I didn’t have time to do much sight seeing or photo taking, I did manage to keep myself busy in Midtown and get into a healthy amount of trouble.  To keep up with my day-to-day, make sure to follow me on instagram 📷!

District 7 Grill Midtown | Houston, Texas

Mealtime indecision is at an all time high for me when I’m out-of-town.  I knew that Whataburger, Tex-Mex, and Texas BBQ wouldn’t quite hit the spot for Sunday Brunch last week in Houston so we turned to Yelp for suggestions.  I think it was the photo of the Foie Gras Smoked Jam Bruschetta that sealed the deal for District 7 Grill- Midtown… or maybe it was the promise of ceviche.

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Slumber Parties in Singapore | Photo Diary

After galavanting through Thailand for a week Whitney, Emily and I decided to make a quick 2-night stop in Singapore.  When in Southeast Asia, why not explore a little?  I had been told to expect Singapore to be sterile and void of any culture, but what I found instead was a superiorly clean “melting-pot” of a city.  In fact, it reminded me of a tidier Honolulu, Hawaii with all its

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Phuket, Thailand | Photo Diary

After starting the trip to Thailand with a boat tour around Ko Phi Phi, we spent the rest of our days exploring Phuket.  We were spoiled after watching the sunset on the “Miracle Lawn” of a mountainside villa with our new bestie, the baby elephant Yaya, and enjoying the fairytale sunset wedding at another villa higher up. Alongside all the romance we caught some muay thai fights, rode elephants in the jungle,

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Touring the Jewels of the Andaman Sea | Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, Thailand

Hello!  I’m finally back from Asia, where I had the privilege of attending the most breathtaking wedding and also had the chance to do a bit of country hopping.  Possibly the most memorable adventure of the trip (besides the wedding, of course) was being able to tour picture perfect Koh Phi Phi by speedboat. Koh Phi Phi is an archipelago of six islands in Krabi, Thailand.  The islands, often called the jewels

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