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Taste Test! Trying Japanese Snacks from 7-Eleven in Tokyo

“Gone for a minute, now I’m back again!”  Just returned from Japan, where I ate everything in sight.  Too jet lagged and starving on our second day to muster the energy to really go out, we ended up trying Japanese snacks for lunch instead.  Just two Americans trying Japanese snacks from a 7-Eleven convenience store in Tokyo! Think of it as a 7-Eleven Japanese snacks Mukbang. We tried some snacks

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Japanese Beauty Haul

When I say that I hate to unpack, I mean it.  Although my trip to Japan was about 6 months ago I’ve only just gotten around to unpacking everything.  Here are my first impressions of some of the beauty products I picked up in department stores and drugstores around Tokyo.  Unlike the usual beauty spree, where I’m basing my purchases off of reviews and the labels, everything chosen during my trip was pure

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Tokyo, Japan | Photo Diary

Almost two months later and I’m finally getting around to uploading my photos from Japan, the final leg of my Asia Trip.  After Thailand and Singapore I found myself wandering around Tokyo alone for a few days while I waited for Candis to meet me after her honeymoon (in the Maldives, how dreamy) so we could spend the week together.  A huge thank you to Denise + Ashley, two of my expat friends

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