The Beginning

“It’s always best to start at the beginning, and all you do is follow the Yellow Brick Road..” – Glinda the Good Witch of the North

The beginning of a new blog, yikes how scary!  For as far back as gellyroll stardust pens and my Lisa Frank diary with the lock, keeping a journal has been one of my favorite past times.  Writing down not only what was going on in my life but also lists on top of lists of books to read, favorite songs, recipes, and places to travel is a habit that just stuck.  In 2009 I began my tumblr site as a sort of online expression of my journals.  While I love that ‘steady stream of consciousness’ style of posting (and I plan to continue on that site), I’ve had this undeniable yearning for a blog with more structure and organization… and maybe most importantly of all, a fresh start.  Enter my ElleKae lifestyle blog!

What to expect?  All the good things.  As an internet fiend, I will be posting a lot of inspiration I come across including but certainly not limited to style and fashion, art, design, photography, music.  Lists of books to read and movies to watch.  Restaurant reviews, as well as recipes and other DIYS.  Travel logs and tons of wanderlust. Beauty, fitness, and wellness.  And some of my ramblings, for good measure.

Please bear with me as I sort out a layout that works, content that is fun, a consistent posting schedule, etc bells and whistles.  This blog, like any other good relationship, will take some time and effort but I do hope you stick it out with me for the long run 🙂

xoxo LK

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“The Beginning”

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