My 2019 Resolutions + Reflections

As the first post of the New Year, it just feels so appropriate to take this time to reflect and set some new intentions.  I’m not usually a “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of girl… but I do like to set goals for myself, and this January rain has me in my feelings…

The last time I set some goals down in writing was in honor of my 27th birthday, back in May.  Before I move on to my new resolutions, I want to quickly to reflect on these past goals.  As written in my ratty old notebook, these goals were to: work 100% remotely, get a manager, strengthen my relationship with my boyfriend, have clients not jobs, and lastly- to make at least 50% of my income from content creation *blog/youtube/instagram.  As proud as I am to have hit these milestones, I can’t help but feel like I was being too easy on myself.  In 2019 we’re aiming higher and higher!

Travel for Work

I feel like this is a milestone for many bloggers and creative professionals alike.  In 2018 I was able to work closely with a few amazing PR companies and brands, and I feel like the natural “next step” in our relationship is travel. I’m permanently envious of the girls who are always jetting off “for work.”  Years ago, when the blog was just an afterthought and hobby, if people asked what I wanted to do for a living I would always say “I’m not sure, but I know that I want to travel. Either traveling for work, or in a job that allows me the time and funds to travel.”  This has been a long-term goal of mine that I’m manifesting to life in 2019.

New Posts Every Friday

Read as: maintain a consistent posting schedule. Every Friday either a new YouTube video or a new blog post should be going up, no excuses!  I feel like this blog has been left stagnant for too long– blame it on the public shift of interest from blogs to Instagram, or just my general neglect.  I’ll also be giving the blog a facelift very soon!  Drop me a comment and let me know what kind of content you want to see in 2019.

New Car

This one is a little on the “treat yo’ self” side of things, but I’ve been driving the same car since 2009 and… I think thats pretty impressive!  It’s time to upgrade before I take the phrase ride-or-die too literally.  On that note, leave me a note if you happen to have any car buying tips for me, or if you have a dealership plug in Los Angeles! 

Grow Relationships

In 2018 I took on the ‘slave code’ mentality. The idea that you have to grind or constantly work in order to be successful.  This year, I want to embrace the concept of rest, recovery, and reflection as essential parts of the progress towards a successful and ultimately happy life.  “Keep your cup full in order to replenish others.”  At the dawn of the New Year I quit working for other people, began concentrating on my brand and my business, and now I have no excuse– I can fully concentrate on my goals, and the important people in my life. No more letting friendships and relationships slide!  

New Year's Resolutions ellekae lauren king

Grow YouTube to 50k Subs

The concept behind this resolution is to stop being scared and second guessing myself. I’ve been creating content steadily for the past few months, but very few of the videos have actually made it to YouTube. I’m extremely self-critical, which can be hard when you’re trying to hone new skills.  My taste is better than my performance; I know that my videos and editing aren’t up to par and where I want them to be… but I don’t yet have the skills to perform at my taste level. The solution? Create mass amounts of content, until my skill catches up. With consistency, drive, and creativity I’ll hopefully learn to be more comfortable on video and grow my channel at the same time. (On this note… if you aren’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can do so here).

Workout Once a Week

At least!! Late last year I joined ClassPass, mostly as a way to get out of my own head even if just for 45 minutes a day for a workout.  I was drowning in responsibilities and just needed to breath. I still can’t say that I enjoy working out, but I appreciate the relief from myself while I’m concentrating on toning my shaky, weak muscles. 

Cook Once a Week

My bank statement reads: Postmates, Postmates, Postmates, Postmates, Postmates. Enough said. 

Visit Home 3 Times a Year

I always get this sick sort of nostalgia when I return home to Hawaii, it’s the definition of bitter-sweet.  The fact that I only visit once a year (at best) surely can’t be helping, so this year I resolve to make the time to fly back.  It’s my favorite place in the world, and its home, so I’m going to stop letting other things take priority. 




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