Modern Design Lust List: Design Within Reach Semi-Annual Sale

I love Design Within Reach, but often their prices can seem (pardon the cheesy wordplay) just beyond my reach.  The semi-annual sale which ends on March 19th offers a chance to save on authentic modern design, whether it be the classic investment piece or the vibrant statement piece.  While Eames designs are sadly never discounted, DWR does include a wide range of furniture and accessories within their sale.  Here are my Design Within Reach semi-annual sale top picks:

DWR Top Picks | ellekae


1. Nazanin Kamali ‘Celine Desk’ // 2. Tom Nybroe ‘Perfection Glassware’ // 3. Charles & Ray Eames ‘Eames Elephant’ // 4. ‘Cellula Rectangle Chandelier’ // 5. Philippe Starck ‘Masters Chair’ // 6. Zikmu Wireless Speaker System // 7. JDS Architects ‘Mini Stacked Shelving System’ // 8. Mattias Stahlbom ‘E27 Pendant Light’ // 9. Philippe Starck ‘Louis Ghost Chair’ // 10. Thomas Bentzen ‘Around Table’ // 11. Fritz Hansen ‘Egg Chair’ // 12. Poul Henningsen ‘Artichoke Lamp’ // 13. Norm Architects ‘Marble Wall Clock’

 I imagine that once I own a home I’ll go all out on interior design, but until then I have to get my kicks from ‘window-shopping’.  I had been eyeing the Starck ‘Louis Ghost Chair’ for years and finally purchased one this past Winter.  It’s so gratifying to slowly piece together the design of your home.  Are there any pieces you have your mind set on, for the future or otherwise?


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“Modern Design Lust List: Design Within Reach Semi-Annual Sale”
  • I love that you posted this! I work for Design Within Reach in the Visual Department. Where are you located? Saw that you liked Stacked Shelving…stay tuned for the launch of Walnut and Dark Grey stacked! (i’m super excited about it and will most likely buy it lol)

  • I bought two little Friuli side chairs years ago from DWR which were within my financial reach. For a while they were in my office for student visitors. Now they’re in my home office making me happy. In my head, I have furnished many rooms with DWR. THX for this post.

  • I wish I could spend some more money decorating my house… But I’m the kind of person who prefers to go out and dress well ^^

    Here my latest post, about Louboutin’s new strategy of reaching younger consumers by engaging them with a special Tribal inspired action in their website.


  • I wanted to thank you for the support you have given me and the added learning so I have an award for you if you do the award thing..
    Have a great day and thanks! 🙂

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