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8 Best Modern Incense Burners

A lot of people have strong opinions on the Incense vs. Candles front, but the lack of modern incense burners isn’t doing ‘Team Incense’ any favors.  It just so happens that collecting candles can quickly become an exuberant habit, so I like to buy incense as an alternative way to change the atmosphere of a room.  I also find that the aroma of incense lingers long after it stops burning, as opposed to

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Currently Coveting: KDIA

When Chanel meets Bearbrick and Celine meets Supreme– The Coveteur recently did a feature on Kristen Noel Crawley, American jewelry designer of I Love KDIA, and I love the whimsical yet sophisticated aesthetic of her Los Angeles home.  Peep my favorites from the spread below~

Spring Cleaning Simplified

Spring Cleaning always sounds like a great idea… until you’re knee deep two-piece sets and regretting possibly every purchase you’ve ever made, if just because they led to this moment.  If done correctly, however, Spring Cleaning can be a way to rediscover forgotten favorites and reevaluate your style while making room in your closet for future purchases.  In anticipation of my upcoming move, and in honor of Spring Cleaning, I

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Modern Design Lust List: Design Within Reach Semi-Annual Sale

I love Design Within Reach, but often their prices can seem (pardon the cheesy wordplay) just beyond my reach.  The semi-annual sale which ends on March 19th offers a chance to save on authentic modern design, whether it be the classic investment piece or the vibrant statement piece.  While Eames designs are sadly never discounted, DWR does include a wide range of furniture and accessories within their sale.  Here are my Design Within

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Word Up #3 + Candle Set Giveaway Winner

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Dreamy Interiors + Candle Giveaway

As cuddle weather quickly approaches, I like to make sure my apartment is as cozy as possible.  Candles are one of the smaller luxuries that play a huge role in creating the perfect atmosphere.  I love filling a room with a luxe fragrance and a dim light.  Most recently I was gifted the Romance set by Old Factory Candles which includes Champagne, Rose Petals, and Dark Chocolate.  There is an Old Factory Candles giveaway

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