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Japanese Beauty Haul

When I say that I hate to unpack, I mean it.  Although my trip to Japan was about 6 months ago I’ve only just gotten around to unpacking everything.  Here are my first impressions of some of the beauty products I picked up in department stores and drugstores around Tokyo.  Unlike the usual beauty spree, where I’m basing my purchases off of reviews and the labels, everything chosen during my trip was pure

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February Favorites

Before February ends I wanted to share with you some products that I’ve recently fallen in love with.  Although I’m always updating my cosmetics, this month I was especially concentrated on products to better maintain my skin, hair, and smile.  Between luxurious body oils and multi-tasking scrubs, theres a little bit of everything needed to power through the end of Winter.  I’ve also included some exclusive coupon codes just for my

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Transforming Your Skin With Retinol

If you’ve been searching for a “holy grail” addition to your skincare routine, look towards retinol which is one of the most skin transforming ingredients on the market today.  As a cell-communicator and antioxidant, retinol can help more than 100 skin issues and lead to a drastically healthier complexion.  So… what exactly is this superhero ingredient?

The Eye Cream Dream Team

It took me years to find an eye cream that I was satisfied with.  I had in mind this magical cream that would de-puff the bags under my eyes and remove the dark circles overnight… such a cream does not exist, by the way.  With a full-coverage concealer in hand (to make up for the lack of “magical” eye products in the market) I started to do a little bit

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Beauty on the Go | Travel Tips

Maintaining strong skincare and haircare routines while traveling can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to make more room for shoes in your suitcase.  Although my packing skills still need a little polishing* they’ve improved so much this past year especially in the beauty department.  Here are some products I love to travel with and the tips I always follow. *The understatement of the century

November Essentials Spree

Yesterday I went on a tiny shopping spree to Sephora, Mac, and Ulta with one goal: to stock up on the essentials.  Although I usually try to leave with at least a handful of out of the ordinary purchases, like a bold lip color or a product from a new brand, this time I tried to stick with the fundamentals that keep me coming back time and time again.

My Standard Skincare Routine

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding skincare lately so I paid attention and rounded up my most used products.  I’ll be covering my standard skincare routine for morning and night as well as the masks and treatments I try to use once a week.  While this list is not all-inclusive, as I my routine differs when I travel, it is full of products that I keep going back

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DIY | Coconut Oil Cures

I’ve finally come around to the worst kept beauty secret that is unrefined coconut oil.  New to the idea I recently looked online only to find articles like, “2,670 Uses for Coconut Oil”– overwhelming to say the least.  With equal parts frustration and inspiration, I felt like it was time to curate a list of coconut oil hair treatments and other cures that actually work.  Tried-and-true, here are the treatments that yielded the best

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