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Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Q&A and Transformation

You probably already know by now that I’m a big fan of keratin tip hair extensions, also known as keratip extensions or ktip extensions for short. I received so many questions about the cost, process, and upkeep following my last “Keratip Hair Transformation Vlog,” so I decided to film a little Q&A with my hair stylist while having my new set installed. You asked, we answered.   Keratin Tip Hair

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My Hair Transformation with Keratip Extensions (& Everything You Need to Know)

Amongst a sea of clip-ins, tape-ins, and even micro-bead individuals, keratip extensions reign supreme.  If you’ve followed me for a while you might remember that I’ve gone through quite a few crazy hair transformations in the past– barbie blonde, bubblegum pink, etc.– which left my hair pretty damaged.  I had crazy breakage and my hair wouldn’t hold evenly to color, leaving me with a splotchy, mousy shade of brown.  I

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My Ion Color Brilliance ‘Smoky Pink’ Fail

This is a brief, cautionary tale about walking into the Beauty Supply store 10 minutes before closing.  It is proof that all the online preparation in the world can’t replace real-life experience, and that major beauty fails pop up when you least expect them.

Achievable Disney Princess Hair

We grow up watching Disney movies where the princess walks around with hair so luminous and so gravity defying that its no wonder she always gets her prince.  Having princess worthy hair comes down to high-shine and lots of volume, and is easier to achieve than you might think.  Luxury for Princess clip-in hair extensions provide the length, volume, and healthy sheen that would make even Jasmine envious.

Blonde Ambition | The Process & Products

Converting from a previously damaged deep brunette to a dimensional platinum blonde isn’t an easy task, nor is it the same process for every person.  Although some choose to brave the process at home I entrusted a professional to lighten me in stages.  Starting at dark brown my stylist gradually, to maintain the integrity of my hair, brought me to a cool-toned blonde with platinum and honey balayage highlights.  We also opted to

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KISS InstaWave | An ‘Automatic Curler’ Tutorial

I’m such an infomercial junkie.  The allure is that the products always seem so easy to use and amazingly helpful during the on-screen demonstration, but are hit or miss in person.  The KISS InstaWave fell into a similar category for me; a product that seemed too good to be true (but that I couldn’t wait to try for myself).  Here is a tutorial and review on the KISS InstaWave Fully Automatic

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Redken's Color Rebel 'Hair Makeup': To Temporarily Dye For

Keeping true to my obsession with vividly colorful hair and just in time for Halloween, I’ve partnered with Redken to introduce to you their newest product line, Color Rebel ‘Hair Makeup.’  Wether you’re dressing in costume or just trying to change your look, Color Rebel is the easy new way to have the dramatic results you want without suffering the follicle-damaging consequences.  I’ll be doing a tutorial and review for two of the five Color

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Pastel Pink Ladies

I guess you could say I’m just a little obsessed with pastel pink hair lately.  If attaining a pink ‘do didn’t include bleaching my already-damaged hair first, you can bet I’d have done it weeks ago.  I’m so torn.

DIY | Coconut Oil Cures

I’ve finally come around to the worst kept beauty secret that is unrefined coconut oil.  New to the idea I recently looked online only to find articles like, “2,670 Uses for Coconut Oil”– overwhelming to say the least.  With equal parts frustration and inspiration, I felt like it was time to curate a list of coconut oil hair treatments and other cures that actually work.  Tried-and-true, here are the treatments that yielded the best

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