Weekly Vlog | Las Vegas, Disneyland, Puppies, + Hair Transformation

Hey everyone!  In this video I’m bringing you with me to Vegas for the weekend, to Disneyland with my best friend, to adopt a puppy and to play with another one.  Last but not least, I also bring you with me to take out my original set of hair extensions by Maribel Nunez at Sabino Salon (omg they lasted 7 months), have her permanently straighten my natural hair, and put a new set of 18″ keratip extensions in. Nothing like a fresh set of hair– it sounds weird but if you’ve had extensions then I know you feel me!

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Weekly Vlog Ellekae Lauren King

A shot of the Las Vegas strip I took during sunset from our room.  After moving away from Vegas to live in LA a few years ago I never thought I would want to visit, but lately I just feel drawn there.  Sometimes a quick weekend away is all you really need to recharge.

Weekly Vlog Ellekae Lauren King

My go-to girl group, @sooheec + @heiditay. Rules of the day club: always get the table in the shade, always drink 3x more water than you think you need, and always take advantage of good lighting.


Weekly Vlog Ellekae Lauren King

For a second there at Sabino Salon I almost considered keeping my natural length, since Maribel did such an amazing job of cleaning it up, dying it, and permanently straightening it for me.  The short hair didn’t last long, though. Who could resist a fresh set of 18 inches?

xx Lauren


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