Valentine’s Day & Cookie Design DIY

Happy Valentines Day!  Whether or not you’re part of a couple, today should still be all about celebrating love (with a liberal dosage of sweets).  To commemorate the “holiday” my friend and I attended a Cookie & Wine Design class hosted by Gimme Some Sugar, a local Las Vegas bakery.  We had a lot of fun creating our own quirky and sassy twists on traditional conversation hearts.  Although our class was themed for Valentines Day, cookie designing is a fun and easy DIY idea for any holidays, family gatherings, or birthday parties.

ellekae Cookie Designing DIY

If you’re ambitious I would recommend using the Alton Brown Sugar Cookies Recipe with these Star Wars Cookie Cutters, or similar fun shapes.  Otherwise just make a stop at your local bakery or grocery store for a large batch of fresh, plain cookies.  Per participant you’ll need at least 2 icing colors, 2 consistencies of icing per color, various sprinkles, a toothpick, and a cake frosting spatula.

Per icing color you’ll want one piping bag filled with standard royal icing to be used for your outlines, words, and other precision designs.  You’ll also want a squeeze bottle filled with royal icing that has been liquified a bit to be used for backgrounds and smoothing over large surfaces.  Instruct your participants that it’s best to line their shapes with the piping bag icing before filling and frosting with the squeeze bottle icing, and then moving on to sprinkles and final designs.  The possibilities are endless!

ellekae Cookie Designing DIY ellekae Cookie Designing DIY ellekae Cookie Designing DIYellekae Cookie Designing DIYellekae gimmesugarLV DIY

If you’re in Las Vegas, check out the Cookie & Wine Design class at Gimme Some Sugar LV.  They host different themes depending on the holiday, and you can even host your own private party.  Find them on social media at @GimmeSomeSugarLV #SugarMafia.

How are you spending your Valentines Day?


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