Ultra HD Makeup for the Digital Girl

The new generation of Ultra HD is here!  Make Up For Ever has developed the first line of makeup to provide flawless, invisible coverage under the lens of the new 8 million pixel, 4K camera.  Although many foundation formulas claim to be Photo Finish, Make Up For Ever is the only brand that continues to develop to keep up with latest HD technology.  Continue on for concealer swatches, foundation swatches, and honest reviews of the Ultra HD Generation…


With 4k Technology, the next generation of digital devises will display images with unbelievable detail, stunning clarity, and heightened color compared to existing HD technology.  Completely invisible under the latest, ultra-magnified resolution, these revolutionary foundation formulas look completely natural on camera– and to the naked eye.


Ultra HD Makeup Make Up For Ever Ellekae

Prep the Skin

Primers are tricky.  They are necessary to hold down your foundation and smooth your pores, but there are just so many to choose from.  Step 1 Skin Equalizer matches your skin concern in the most simplest of ways.  For Normal Skin- Apply Hydrating to the entire complexion.  For Oily Skin- Apply Mattifying only to the areas where shine develops quickly.  Use a very small amount- the size of a grain of rice.  For Dry Skin- Apply Nourishing to areas of dryness.  For Enlarged Pores- Apply Smoothing to enlarged pores and fine lines.

Personally, I use Nourishing to most of my face, but Mattifying around my nose and chin.  I haven’t found that Smoothing does much to minimize my pores, but by that same token I don’t feel that large pores are one of my skincare concerns.

Ultra HD Makeup Make Up For Ever Ellekae

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Concealer Swatches: (Left to Right) R30, Y33, R32, Y31

Application & Coverage

Ultra HD Liquid Foundation claims to need only two pumps, “starting at the center of the face and stretching outward.”  I found that to hold true, and that you could easily build coverage if desired.  The liquid foundation worked great when mixed with my moisturizer for a light tint, and equally as great when I built it up for a full-coverage finish.  As long as I prepped my skin with moisturizer and a primer (Step 1 Equalizer or otherwise), I was always left with a satin finish that never caked or sunk into imperfections.  To note, I have combination skin that leans towards dry.

The Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is available in 40 shades, and the Stick Foundation in 15 shades– amazing, albeit slightly overwhelming.  The shades are categorized first into either Red Based or Yellow Based, then into Light, Medium, Tan, and Dark.  Light shades begin with a 2, Medium with a 3, Tan with a 4, and Dark with a 5.  I have a medium to light skin tone, so my foundation shades read as Y315 — Yellow Based/Lighter end of Medium, R260 — Red Based/ Medium to Dark end of Light, etc.  Both the Ultra HD concealer and liquid foundation look so natural on my skin, I feel as though I’m not wearing any makeup even when I’ve built my coverage up.  I hoard concealers, and this one has been solid in my top rotation since the first time I used it.

Ultra HD Makeup Make Up For Ever Ellekae

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Coverage Foundation Swatches: (Left to Right) Y315, R260, Y365


Have you compared the Make Up For Ever HD line to the Ultra HD line?  What’s your favorite flawless foundation makeup routine?


(Some of these items may have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions and words are my own)


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