Travel Essentials

How do you survive over 24 hours of travel?


Louis Vuitton Keepall
Fully charged Nintendo DS (with assorted games)
iPad in Marc Jacobs Case + Fully Stocked Kindle e-Reader App (Falls Must Read)
Two iPods + Beats by Dre Headphones
Local Currency
Louis Vuitton Daily Planner
iPhone + Mophie Charging Case
Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua Cream Compact
[Not Pictured: Totoro Pillow]

I have the hardest time sleeping on planes, even during 15+ hour flights, so I always try to keep myself entertained. The Kindle App for iPad is the best because it enables you to cut down on carry-on items soo much. I can’t imagine lugging a bag of books around with me from terminal to terminal. My Chanel compact is also a savior; after refreshing my skin with cold water just a few dabs of my cream compact brings life back to my skin without being too heavy and drying me out even more. It’s also beneficial to convert currency before you travel abroad if you want to get the best rate. I’m constantly trying to improve my packing skills, so suggestions are more than welcome~

PS: I made it to Thailand– Photo Diary coming soon~


*I’m posting this via my iPad from Thailand, so if it seems lazy I apologize and please pardon any grammatical mistakes~

EDIT: After looking at this on a computer I realize how cringe-worthy and blurry the photo is, sorry!


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“Travel Essentials”
  • You know I have like 2 old ipods just sitting in my room. Never thought to charge them and use them for traveling so that I don’t drain my phone duh!!! I mean the pic quality sucks on them but it beats being a wallhugger at the airport and running to a charging station lol

    • Its kind of funny (and awful at the same time) that my iPhone 5s broke in Thailand, so randomly having my old iPhone 4 with me as an iPod saved me and I was able to activate it as a replacement. You just never know! But the pic quality is the worst haha


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