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I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m obsessed with my iPhone.  Separation anxiety?  Yes, I suffer from it.  Today I’m sharing my all-time favorite and most used iPhone apps from ‘Photography’ to ‘Productivity’ and everything in-between.  You’ll see how I edit my photos and the apps I can’t bear to travel without.  I also spoke with a few major online influencers to see which apps they can’t get enough of.  Heres the what’s what of the App Store~



  • VSCOcam — If you only have one photo editing app, let it be VSCOcam.  I edit both my iPhone 6 & Sony a6000 photos with this app.  I think there are 20+ filters built in but you can download more filters from collaborations with various photographers and brands.  Along with filters you can edit exposure, temperature, contrast, fade, vignette, tint, saturation, shadows, highlight, sharpness, film grain, highlights tint, shadows tint, and skin tone.  My go-to filters are HB1, HB2, F1, F2, or S3 all at half intensity so the photos don’t look overdone.  Then I will increase the exposure a few notches, and increase saturation a few notches as well if the increased exposure has washed the colors out.  My all time favorite.
  • PlayMemories — This is the app I use to wirelessly transport photos from my Sony a6000 to my iPhone & iPad.  Theres also a feature which turns my iPhone into a Live View Remote; so clutch.
  • Snapseed — Another great app which enables you to “selective adjust” parts of your photo.  This app is perfect if you only want to brighten certain areas and add saturation to others instead of applying an edit to the whole photo.
  • ABM — With A Beautiful Mess you can add “cutesy” doodles, custom text, phrases, and borders to a photo.
  • Afterlight — A huge selection of quality filters and also my go-to for adding light leaks and bokeh.
  • LINE Camera — A super “cutesy” app straight from Japan.  You can filter, paint, and add custom text through LINE but I use it strictly for the stickers (as in the above photo).
  • Camera+ — This was my favorite app pre-VSCO days.  You can edit everything about your photo, even the type of flash– ex: food, portrait, concert.
  • Squareready — To add a white frame around your photo and size it into a square for Instagram.
  • PICLAY — Used to create mirror images.
  • PhotoStudio — Next level filters, but really I just downloaded this for the “3D” filter… that I haven’t actually found a reason to use yet.  But it’s still worth the space!
  • PhotoWonder — My little secret to babyskin selfies (besides skincare products) is PhotoWonder.  You can smooth skin, remove blemishes, fix red-eye, take away dark under-eye circles, and even change your eye size.  Kind of like a Purikura booth in your phone?  The trick is being subtle; you don’t want to look like a plastic doll.
  • PhotoShake, Diptic — Both are used to create pic collages.  Really only one is necessary, but I can’t choose.
  • Image Blender — If you want to fuse two photos into one or create an overlay of images, use Blender.
  • #Snoopify, #BEENTRILL#, Instant Emoji, CYBER.FM — All of these are silly side.  They add crazy characters, phrases, and accessories to your photos.  Use sparingly.  CYBER.FM is probably the coolest because you can download more stickers from their tumblr page so the possibilities are infinite.


  • GifShare — GifShare turns your gifs into square-sized videos that are sharable on Insta, because otherwise they would post as still photos.
  • Flipagram — You can create a flip book video of photos even using adding music from your phone.
  • SquareReadyV — Same as Squareready but for videos.
  • Vidlab — To add filters and music to a video.

→ Lifestyle Blogger Alice Hiraga of Rudegirrl says,

My favorite apps are Instagram, LINE Camera, VSCOcam and Eyefi Mobi.  I can’t live without LINE camera, and Line is my favorite app too.  I use it more than sms or iMessage.


  • Instagram — No surprise here, right?  I lurk my friends & fellow bloggers hardcore and I’m loving the new “explore” tab.
  • Tumblr — For midday entertainment.
  • WordPress — To check my blog analytics and jot down new post ideas.
  • Bloglovin — My favorite blogreader by far; this is how I keep up to date with everyone I follow.
  • Snapchat (@elle_kae) — I’m not big on sending snaps, but I use the “story” feature to create little daily VLOGs.
  • PHHHOTO (@elle_kae) — DL this app!  It’s similar to Insta, but you create gifs instead of photos.  It would be so much more fun if more people joined!
  • Twitter — Warning: I’m sassy.
  • Pinterest — Waiting for a cab, waiting in line, waiting on a friend = scrolling through Pinterest.
  • Shots (@elle_kae) — Similar to Insta but what’s new is the lack of a “comment” section, which is supposed to decreased cyberbullying.


  • Kindle — You can have your full library of Kindle books at your fingertips on both the iPad and iPhone if you don’t want to bring your Amazon Kindle around.  Great for travel.
  • Duolingo — Duolingo won’t make you fluent, but if you spend 30 minutes a day with it you can grow your foreign language vocabulary and grammar skills considerably.  I’ve been using it to brush up on my French.
  • SignNow — So convenient!  Instead of printing a contract, signing it, scanning it, and faxing it– you can import your signature within the app and email it straight back.
  • CamScanner — CamScanner creates professional quality scans of documents with your built in camera.
  • Notes — Standard, but essential.
  • Venmo — Instead of splitting the check x-# of ways or struggling to find an ATM, you can connect Venmo to your bank account and send money straight to your friends.  Unlike PayPal, Venmo doesn’t charge a service fee on transfers.  So easy and, most importantly, secure.



  • XE Currency — Don’t ask me about conversion rates, just download XE Currency.
  • Hotel Tonight — Doesn’t work in most foreign cities unfortunately, but is great for last minute bookings.
  • Uber — You probably know how amazing Uber is.  Uber is in Hong Kong and Tokyo too, so this app will come in handy even during international travels.
  • Passbook (United, American, Hawaiian) — I never print boarding passes anymore.  Most major airlines have passbook-apps that you can download.


  • Heads Up! — I don’t really use my iPhone for game play.  Heads Up! is the exception; I wouldn’t be caught in a theme park line without it.

→ Dj, Producer, & Art Collecter Daniel Kutz aka “DJ Fashen” says,

I use Instagram, Snapseed, Uber, Artsy, Snapchat, Paddle 8, Ebay, Shazam, Twitter, Whitagram, Squareready and iMovie daily.


  • Yelp — I’m not a crazy judgemental Yelper, but I am super indecisive.  I often base my order off of user uploaded photos.
  • EAT24, Postmates, GrubHub — Thank goodness for food delivery services!  How would I survive without them?
  • Poshmark (@elle_kae) — When I clean out my closet I usually post for-sale items here instead of eBay.  I’ve sold a limited edition Louis Vuitton speedy and a 3.1 Phillip Lim purse on Poshmark both at huge discounts… are you following me yet?


  • Pandora — Can’t workout or go on a road trip without Pandora.
  • TipSee — If you work in the service industry at a tip based job, you need TipSee.  It organizes your tips by day and also shows you what your “hourly rate” would be.
  • Groovebook — Saw this on SharkTank and immediately downloaded it.  For $3 a month you get a book of 100 printed, glossy photos from your iPhone camera roll.
  • LINE Messenger — Great if you’re traveling internationally, and you get the same cute characters from the LINE Camera.

→ Special Event Designer & Design Studies MA Candidate Soohee Cho says,

I basically only use banking apps, Starbucks, Spottify, Kakaotalk, Instagram, CNN, Seamless, Yelp… oh and YouTube!


Did I miss any of your favorite apps?  Share them with me in the comments section below!


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