The Look for Less: Cult Gaia Ark Bag Under $50

For my inaugural “Look for Less” post I’m sharing dupes for one of the trendiest bags of the summer: the Cult Gaia Ark Bag.  Don’t get me wrong– I’ll splurge for a nice investment piece! But I knew that the Cult Gaia bag was something I would only wear for four days during my vacation, then toss to the back of my closet.  Thats when you turn to the Look for Less.  Check out these dupes under $50 and stay on trend and without breaking the bank!


Cult Gaia Ark Bag ellekae Lauren King

The original Ark bag comes in bamboo or acrylic and in a variety of colors.  It ranges in price from $128-$498.


Cult Gaia Ark Bag ellekae Lauren King

This is the dupe I purchased from Amazon– for only $28.88!  I received it in two days with Amazon Prime, and I don’t feel that I’m missing out on quality at all.   It’s made of 100% natural bamboo and feels really sturdy, I would never have guessed it was well below $50.  It comes in two sizes, and came with a complimentary scarf that I ended up using as a headband.  Here’s another dupe from Amazon for $39.99.


Shop more Cult Gaia Ark Bag dupes below from Etsy and indie boutiques.


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