The Future of Younger Looking Skin

As someone who has always been interested in finding out about new beauty treatments (and as someone who’s age is slowly creeping closer to 30), I wanted to dive into the technology of younger looking skin and explore the various options out there.  Theres nothing wrong with wanting to fight back against the natural signs of aging, especially those that impact overall skin health.

The anti-aging industry helps slow down or reverse many different age-related ailments, providing younger looking skin. Keep reading for more information on some of the most popular techniques used today!

Skin Fortifying Cream + Injection Components

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your skin is to give it back some of the natural nutrients and other components taken away by the aging process. You can also introduce fortifying substances that will defend your cells from future damage, such as antioxidants. Many of those substances, including glycolic and salicylic acid, can be introduced through creams applied to your skin or via injections inserted below the skin’s surface. Such fortifying treatments can also include vitamins and antioxidants. My favorite skincare products that include acids are from Drunk Elephant line.

Botox and Filler Injections for Younger Looking Skin

Of course, the skincare industry also offers other injections to make your skin look more plump and healthy. One option is Botox, which is actually a paralytic agent derived from a particular plant. It will temporarily immobilize muscles in the treatment area, making your skin look tighter. Another option is the injection of filling agents. They can also temporarily make your skin tighten by filling up the area below the surface, similar to filling a balloon. Some fillers also contain some of the skin-fortifying substances mentioned above.

Laser Procedures and Light Techniques to Reverse Signs of Aging

There are several types of laser procedures and light techniques that can also reverse signs of aging and provide younger looking skin. For example, intense pulsed light treatments can fortify your skin over time. Lasers are also useful in a variety of ways. When you are searching for cosmetic-laser equipment treatments, it is important to understand the ways in which different laser machines work. For example, surface treatments are most often performed by strong ablative lasers. On the other hand, treatments designed to focus on particular cellular components in your deeper skin tissues are called non-ablative treatments because they will not cause any immediate changes to the surface of your skin.

Since there are so many types of laser machines, it may come as no surprise that they can perform many different types of anti-aging treatments. For example, they can reduce the appearance of redness caused by rosacea or certain other skin conditions. They can also treat scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin ailments- such as the treatments I received when I was in South Korea last year.

Non-Laser Skin Peel Options

Skin peels are among the most popular skincare procedures because they immediately impact the appearance of the outer skin layer. For example, both microdermabrasion and chemical peels can remove dead skin cells and other materials from the surface of your skin. Then the healthier skin will be more prominent. Chemical peels can also treat additional skin layers. The deepness and intensity of the treatments will be dictated by the types of chemicals used. Microdermabrasion focuses mainly on the top skin layer by removing debris with a hand-held tool in a process similar to sanding wood.



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