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Paris in January | Photo Diary + Vlog

Better late than never, right? Last year I went on a trip to Paris with my BFF, with a day trip to London in between, and shortly after… disaster struck. My hard drive crashed and I lost all video footage and most of my photos. I recently recovered a few clips and thus this mini vlog was born!  Please like and subscribe to my channel for more travel + beauty videos coming soon.

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What is Rainbow Masking?! MemeBox BonVivant Jelly Clay Mask Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a new beauty product, so I figured it would be the perfect time to introduce this new trend of “Rainbow Masking.”   I’ve come to recognize that a one-mask-fits-all approach isn’t really working for me anymore.  I would end up spot treating my oil zones only to have to follow up with a sheet mask for my dry areas, doubling the amount of time

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i-D: Model Mother Tongue

Lately I’ve been really enjoying this How To Learn Languages With Models video series by British magazine i-D.  Even though you obviously won’t be fluent by the end of each installment, they’re fun and each filmed in a different quirky style.  There are 10 videos in the still-growing series; here are some of my favorites… Attends, ou est le vin rouge?