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My Color Correcting Foundation Routine

It took me a long time to finally try color correcting because I always thought it would lead to too heavy of a look, but what’s actually so great about it is that it neutralizes unwanted tones so you can correct instead of conceal and in the end, use less product.  Today I’ve partnered with MEMEBOX to show you my Color Correcting Foundation Routine using their Pony Effect Color Correcting

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Embroidered Denim on Denim

Easy, messy, casual— all keywords I love that are perfectly embodied by this lazy day denim on denim outfit.  I usually prefer a darker wash for a more polished look, but if I’m going light I figure why not really go for it.  The distressed denim with a raw hem makes it a bit extra messy, and the embroidered jacket adds a little extra detail to break it all up.

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DIY Embroidered Gucci Denim Jacket

Both high fashion and fast fashion seem to agree, the patch trend is back!  Embroidery may be everywhere right now, but it wasn’t until Alessandro Michele launched Gucci Garden that it caught my eye– the snake motif especially.  I fell in love with the embroidered Gucci denim jacket, but I wanted something a little more personalized and less of a splurge and thus this quick DIY was born. This DIY is perfect for those

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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s about that time… the time when Halloween is less than a week away, and you’re still not even sure if that house party is happening or not, let alone what you’re going to dress up as.  Here are four super easy, last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas sure to save you when crunch time hits. All four of these DIY costumes can easily be put together using Amazon Prime

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My Ion Color Brilliance ‘Smoky Pink’ Fail

This is a brief, cautionary tale about walking into the Beauty Supply store 10 minutes before closing.  It is proof that all the online preparation in the world can’t replace real-life experience, and that major beauty fails pop up when you least expect them.

Bad Gal Shine

After Lisa Frank went out of style* I never thought temporary tattoos would be back on trend, at least not this strong.  After Flash Tattoos swept the festival scene I still wasn’t convinced, but now Bad Gal Rihanna has collaborated with LA jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on a seven-piece line of mix-and-match metallic gold/glow in the dark temporary tattoos.  A very fitting project for the inked up star, the line consists of chain sets,

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Valentines Day & Cookie Design DIY

Happy Valentines Day!  Whether or not you’re part of a couple, today should still be all about celebrating love (with a liberal dosage of sweets).  To commemorate the “holiday” my friend and I attended a Cookie & Wine Design class hosted by Gimme Some Sugar, a local Las Vegas bakery.  We had a lot of fun creating our own quirky and sassy twists on traditional conversation hearts.  Although our class was

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DIY | Geometric & Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorials

This time around I’ll be leaving the DIY tutorial to celebrity nail artist, Stephanie Stone.  Her roster of stars includes the likes of Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Shay Mitchell, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just to name a few.  I’m always checking her Instagram @stephstonenails #stephstonenails, and that of the company that represents her @nailinghollywood, for mani-inspiration when I’m at the salon.  She’s this really sweet, really talented artist who also just started a

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DIY | Coconut Oil Cures

I’ve finally come around to the worst kept beauty secret that is unrefined coconut oil.  New to the idea I recently looked online only to find articles like, “2,670 Uses for Coconut Oil”– overwhelming to say the least.  With equal parts frustration and inspiration, I felt like it was time to curate a list of coconut oil hair treatments and other cures that actually work.  Tried-and-true, here are the treatments that yielded the best

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