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Introducing ScentBird New York, the new monthly designer fragrance subscription.  Upon sign up you’ll take a quick quiz so the site can more accurately make recommendations based on your personality and preferences, although you’ll always have access to all 350+ authentic designer perfumes.  Perfumes are all categorized by Scent Type (floral, fruity, woody, citrusy, aquatic, spicy), Perfume Personality (sexy, mysterious, classic, elegant, flirty, clean), and Occasion (office, date night, party, everyday, vacation, workout).  After browsing the options and reading reviews you can set your queue and begin to receive your 30-day supply for $14.95 a month.  If you’re stuck between travel rollerballs and too-small sample sizes, ScentBird may be a perfect match for you.

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For the first month I chose to ignore my personal recommendations page and venture into the full inventory, eventually choosing ‘Violet Blonde’ by Tom Ford.  ‘Violet Blonde’ is categorized as Floral/Elegant/Party/Spring and strongly reminds me of Chanel N°5 (in a good way).  ScentBird monthly supplies come in 8mL containers which you pop in and out of your spray bottle, which is included in the subscription.  For reference, a rollerball contains 10mL of perfume and a standard sample contains 1mL of perfume.  Regardless of whether you choose a Tom Ford scent or an Escada scent the monthly price remains the same, which means that you can try the more lavish fragrances you maybe couldn’t commit to just based off of a beauty store sample.

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ScentBird seems to have most of the major fragrance designers on the site and is consistently adding new choices.  Although they have the major options, you won’t find your favorite boutique scents like Hermes ‘Rose Ikebana’ or any of the smaller companies like TokyoMilk Dark.  Another aspect of the site that doesn’t bother me but may be an issue for some is that there are no exchanges.  If you decide you don’t care for the scent you chose you have to wait until the next month for a new one.  All in all I really like the ScentBird service and I think its a great idea.  I love how fully customizable they make the process, and the variety of fragrances is pleasingly diverse.  The spray bottle is not only sleek and luxurious, it’s also the ideal canvas for customization!

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 Sign up for ScentBird and use the code ‘Bird25’ for 25% off of your first month!

What perfumes are you into for the Spring and Summer seasons?


(Some of these items have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions and words are my own)

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