Redken's Color Rebel 'Hair Makeup': To Temporarily Dye For

Keeping true to my obsession with vividly colorful hair and just in time for Halloween, I’ve partnered with Redken to introduce to you their newest product line, Color Rebel ‘Hair Makeup.’  Wether you’re dressing in costume or just trying to change your look, Color Rebel is the easy new way to have the dramatic results you want without suffering the follicle-damaging consequences.  I’ll be doing a tutorial and review for two of the five Color Rebel shades, Gilty as Charged and Red-y to Rock, although I recommend layering multiple shades for a bold, unicorn look.

Model Irene Kim, via Refinery29

This was my first time using any sort of pigmented color-coating for hair; I’ve never tried hair chalk before because it always seemed too messy.  Unlike hair chalk which may transfer, Color Rebel deposits a fine liquid micro-coating which is water and heat-styling resistant.  I mean really, really resistant… but more on that later.  The colors are surprisingly vibrant and luminous, as you can see by the remnants on my hand after applying Gilty as Charged.  The full line includes Punked Up Pink, Purple Riot, and Rebel Without a Coral as well as the true red and gold shimmer shades I’ve been playing with.

To Use:

  1. Prep freshly washed hair with a hydrating serum to combat the slight drying effect of the “ink”
  2. Remove the plug and insert the foam tip in its place, then shake well
  3. Twist the cap to the left until the tip is saturated with color
  4. Pull the desired section of hair taut and apply in a smooth, sweeping motion
  5. Start with a light layer, comb through while still damp, and apply a second or third layer for more intensity
  6. Allow hair to air dry, then style as usual (you can apply to pre-styled hair if you like, but the “ink” is water-based so you may have to restyle certain parts)

To Remove:

The instructions say that Color Rebel washes out after two shampoos, but I found that it actually takes three or four vigorous washes to remove all traces of color.  The color doesn’t rub off on pillows or clothes and is stubborn against a basic shower routine, so it could potentially last for weeks if you so desired.

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Red highlight inspiration via Pinterest

With Red-y to Rock I wanted a look that was wearable and not too “punky.”  I separated my hair into two layers, then split each layer into 1″ sections drawing in the color all over the bottom layer with two applications for a more intense look and alternating levels of intensity only on the tips of the top layer.  Once the hair was fully air dried I brushed through it, added hair oil to the “ink” crisped ends, and curled with a 1″ -1 1/4″ curling wand alternating sections towards and away from my face for an undone effect.  I tousled the curls and added a spritz of Oribe Texturizing Spray to complete the look.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset10410387_10152402274846088_8192756558600810292_n64289fa933471ea860c7b92ab867715a_Fotor_Collage

Blonde highlight inspiration via Pinterest

I decided to use Gilty as Charged to strengthen my light, natural ombre.  I split my hair into three layers so I could be sure to coat all of the ends thoroughly, then split each layer into 1″ sections that I coated twice with “ink.”  For a more naturally highlighted look I allowed random sections to extend higher towards the scalp.  Once the hair was fully air dried I brushed through it, added hair oil to the ends, and curled with a smaller, 0.7″ – 1″ curling wand with all sections going away from my face for a bouncier, more voluminous effect.  I tousled the curls and added a spritz of Oribe Texturizing Spray (always!) to complete the look.

Irene Kim via Refinery29

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding Color Rebel in the comments below, and I’ll try to answer them for you.  I went for mostly natural looks with my ‘hair makeup’ this time, but I would love to venture out and maybe mix the coral, pink, and purple in alternating highlights or a colorful braid.  Overall the product was really fun to experiment with, and although it dried out my hair a bit I was really happy with the overall effect.  What are you going to be for Halloween; do you think Color Rebel would be a good addition to your costume?



(Sponsored post, however, all opinions and words are my own)

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