Pastel Pink Ladies

I guess you could say I’m just a little obsessed with pastel pink hair lately.  If attaining a pink ‘do didn’t include bleaching my already-damaged hair first, you can bet I’d have done it weeks ago.  I’m so torn.

604bae243dfff498638686a30f8419ab b640e3cddeb8047e70b1f1d46627c990657e842fac246c5d9da37fc76527a9d6 6837478acce18e578be2cb6076d090de a45913969039b7afbf35e44df6f4c0e0 b6e0e06433b747c70428da9b501b07a1 c6cf5a0bec0e74b32e7cc8aaab24192e e02b67f98032bff187d1f7f0384234e4 e6037a844137d43e6257c1bec4ae6f2c

How do you feel about baby pink hair?  Have you ever wanted to look like My Little Pony, too?

*2nd photo: Dolce & Gabbana Spring ’14– remaining photos from Pinterest/ Tumblr, original sources unknown



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“Pastel Pink Ladies”

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