My Favorite At Home Workouts + Equipment

I never thought I’d say this, but I really miss going to the gym.  Many of us are currently in quarantine and practicing social distancing, separated from our regular lives and schedules. Instead of focusing on what you can’t be doing or what other people are saying you should be doing, do whatever feels right to you during this time. For me, that has meant staying active with at home workouts and finding a new routine to stick with.

I’ve always been more motivated by group fitness classes, so working out in my small one bedroom apartment by myself just didn’t feel as effective…at first.  In the past few weeks I’ve rounded up a few essential pieces of equipment and the best online workout apps and programs (most are free) to keep my body moving while still #stayinghome.



So many personal trainers, fitness studios, and brands have come together during quarantine to host free Instagram Live and IGTV workout classes. The live classes stay up for 24 hours, and the IGTV classes are available to watch any time. Here are a few of my favorite accounts that consistently offer free at home workouts:



I follow along with free workouts 95% of the time, but if you’re looking for a Zoom workout with real-time attention from a fitness trainer, or a membership app to get more control of the workout you’re going to do, then these are my favorite at home workouts you can purchase:



Use what you have on hand, truly. For the first few weeks of quarantine I was using wine bottles as weights and a blanket as a yoga mat. But if you do want to upgrade your home studio, here’s the equipment I’ve found most worth investing in:


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