Miu Miu Women's Tales #8

The latest installment of the Miu Miu Women’s Tales short-film series premiered this weekend at the Venice Film Festival.  Somebody directed by Miranda July is the eighth in the series, each film with a very unique vision from a new female director.  What I love about Women’s Tales is how no two films are remotely similar to each other- with deeper messages ranging from family dynamics to tradition.  On a more playful note, they’ve also included mutant fashionistas, well dressed Wiccan, and questionably magical Sicilian puppets- while Somebody features a new, humorous twist on modern communication.  The similarity in the films is that the characters are largely outfitted by the latest Miu Miu collections, and its our job as viewers to spot the pieces.  You’ll even find Miu Miu prints as wallpaper, furniture fabric, and doll clothing.

Somebody is so fun to watch because not only is it set in a more real-world, with scenes taking place in diners and at parks, but Miranda Julys app in the film actually came into fruition with the help of the Miu Miu team.  It’s currently available on iTunes for free. View the Miu Miu collection here.


The previous Women’s Tales are: The Powder Room, Muta, The Women Dress, It’s Getting Late, The Door, Le Donne della Vucciria, and most recently Spark and Light.  The series in its entirety can be seen here, on the Miu Miu website.  Casts have included such stars as Aubrey Plaza and Gabrielle Union, with musical guests like Au Revoir Simone and Goapele.  Which Women’s Tale was your favorite?  The Door would have to be a close second for me…


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