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Word Up #6

Hello, there!  I’m back and more excited than ever to explore 2016 with you all.  As always, a little inspiration…   Follow me on Bloglovin’ Word Up #1 | Word Up #2 | Word Up #3 | Word Up #4 | Word Up #5   xx Lauren

Word Up #5

Monday morning pick-me-ups…

Word Up #4

For many people the New Year brings with it new motivations and new inspirations.  Heres to starting off 2015 on the right foot… 

i-D: Model Mother Tongue

Lately I’ve been really enjoying this How To Learn Languages With Models video series by British magazine i-D.  Even though you obviously won’t be fluent by the end of each installment, they’re fun and each filmed in a different quirky style.  There are 10 videos in the still-growing series; here are some of my favorites… Attends, ou est le vin rouge?

Word Up #2

A couple of pick-me-up notes while I’m sort of off the grid…

Word Up

Just a couple of notes…

Fall's Must-Read Books

Right off the bat I’ll go ahead and assume that everyone here still loves to read.  If you just mildly enjoy it- that’ll work, too.  Maybe something here can pique your interest.  I might be slightly premature in posting this seeing how we’ve just barely made it passed summers halfway mark… but theres no harm in being overly prepared.  “The enlightened ruler lays his plans well ahead,” right? * More often

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