Lauren Tries Customized Lipstick at the Lip Lab by Bite Beauty

Welcome to my new series “Lauren Tries…“, where I explore new beauty trends, experiences, and all that is hyped.  To kick off the series, I’m trying customized lipsticks at the Lip Lab by Bite Beauty on Larchmont Blvd. in Los Angeles.

The Lip Lab by Bite offers two personalized services: Custom or Bespoke.  With Custom you are able to create one lipstick by choosing your shade from over 200 pigments, then your finish, then your scent.  I opted for the even more customizable Bespoke service–

The Bespoke option allows you to create two unique lipstick shades, and you are able to mix different pigments with each other as many times and combinations as needed ’till you find the shade thats just right.  My goal with the first shade was to find my perfect nude. I brought with me the nub of an old lip pencil, with the branding and name long rubbed off– intent on recreating that exact color.  My dedicated mixer helped me color match on just our second try.

Lip Lab by Bite Beauty

For my second shade, I wanted to find a pink that gave that “just bitten” effect– as if I’d just eaten a popsicle, a really natural flush of color.  As vague as I was, it also took us only two tries to get it right.  You then select your formula from either glossy sheer, matte creme, or amuse bouche.  I selected Amouse Bouche for both lipsticks after being already familiar with its satiny finish from the main Bite Beauty line.  For scent, you can choose from cherry, mint, vanilla, mango, violet, coconut, wild berry, and fresh citrus.  I went with Vanilla-Cherry for one (vanilla coke inspired), and Lime-Coconut for another (a little piña action).

They mix your creamy pigment with the gel-looking formula and liquid scent, then they put it in this machine that mixes it up even more.  From there, your liquid lipstick is poured into metal molds and placed on a freezer for a little longer than five minutes.  Empty lipstick tubes are then pressed into these metal molds, and just like that- voila- you have a perfect looking lipstick. I was honestly amazed to see how perfect the mold worked; it looked like any lipstick you might buy from Sephora, no hint by looking at it that it was “hand-made” just for you.

ellekae Lauren King Tries Custom Lipstick Lip Lab by Bite Beauty

The machine that engraved the lipsticks was unfortunately broken, although they did promise that I could come anytime to have them later engraved.  I also received mini versions of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, the Lip & Define Lip Primer, and the Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub (all of which you get to sample during your session).  I had such a great time at the Lip Lab by Bite– I talked my boyfriends ear off about it the entire rest of the day.  It was the most fun I’ve had playing with makeup in a long time. So interactive, and so special. I went by myself– but I can see it being a great group activity if you’re having a birthday or girls day.


Visit the Lip Lab by BiTe: 142 N Larchmont Blvd,Los Angeles, CA 90004


Check out my latest weekly vlog to see the entire experience! At 7:30 is when I visit the Lip Lab by Bite~

This blog post was not sponsored, all words and opinions are strictly my own. I did receive the experience complimentary.

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