Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s about that time… the time when Halloween is less than a week away, and you’re still not even sure if that house party is happening or not, let alone what you’re going to dress up as.  Here are four super easy, last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas sure to save you when crunch time hits.

All four of these DIY costumes can easily be put together using Amazon Prime for immediate shipping or by stopping at your local Halloween shop, Goodwill, or Craft store.  You may already have a lot of the pieces below, as most are basics like black jeans and white button ups, and should really only have to purchase maybe one or two add ons (like a cat mask… unless, you know, you already wear that out).

Catwoman / Selina Kyle from DC Comics

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Ellekae

You’ll Need:  Masquerade Style Lace Mask + Lace Cat Ears, or Traditional Catwoman Mask // Thick Velvet Choker as Collar // Whip // Thigh High Boots // Tight Black Jumpsuit // *Optional* Wet Look, Opera Length Gloves

Sleepy Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

You’ll Need:  Men’s Tuxedo Shirt // Iconic Holly Golightly Sleep Mask // Tassel Earrings // Flats // *Optional* Stuffed Cat

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas ellekae

You’ll Need:  Oversized White Button Up // Cropped Black Pants // Fake Blood // Black Bob Wig // Black Bustier Bra // Red Nail Polish // Gold Flats

Eleven from Stranger Things

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Ellekae

You’ll Need:  Blonde Bob Wig // Frozen Waffles // White Sneakers // White + Green Tube Socks // Pink Dress // Fake Collar // Fake Blood // Blue Jacket

The great thing about this collection of DIY Halloween Costume Ideas is that, if you’re planning on going out throughout the weekend, you can reuse a lot of the pieces!  The Holly Golightly button up would be perfect for Mia Wallace, and the fake blood from Mia Wallace could be used for Eleven as well.  What are you dressing up as this year?



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