Hippie Sabotage


Just wanted to share some music thats been on heavy repeat for me lately —Hippie Sabotage.  The brotherly duo has been producing for a while, but from what I understand they only started to release their own material last year.  Maybe I deserve a little “late pass” for only hearing about them now?  The sound is almost Shlohmo-esque… electronic with some hip hop, and a smooth sort of dreamy vibe.  I’ve been mainly listening to the “Sunny” EP & “Vacants” EP, but they’ve got a bunch of remixes out too.  Although the “Habits/Stay High” by Tave Lo remix is by far their most popular, they also flipped a few songs by Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Charli XCX.  See also: Shlohmo, Odesza, Flume.

(Sometimes these load how they should as videos, and other times they load as links… whoops)

xx LK


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