If a Greaser met a Club Kid, I imagine this is what the lovechild would look like.  I stumbled upon this editorial for the PRIMARY NY x Carbon & Hyde jewelry capsule a while ago, but for some reason never got around to posting it.  Something about the super luminous skin, slicked back hair, combination of netting and leather, and pop of color smoky eye just gets me.

TaintedLove2TaintedLove3-1247x831 TaintedLove4-935x1247 TaintedLove-1245x830

All Photos via The Glamourai

Model: Elena Sartison
Photographer: Greg Swales
Beauty: Porsche Cooper
Styling: Kelly Framel

P.S.: I just hit 12k+ followers!  Thank you for reading the blog and supporting all of my other social platforms, as well!  This number may seem minuscule to some, but building a blog during its first year is quite a bit of work (as I’m sure many of you can attest to) and to be honest I’m a little surprised its gotten this far.  Thank you again for the readership and support!!

xx LK

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