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The process of getting all dolled up and feeling glam can be a lot of fun, but there is nothing quite like coming home after a long night out and crawling into bed.  As easy as it is to fall asleep immediately, I’ve been making a conscious effort lately to take care of my skin before doing so.  Get unready with me and see some of my favorite new skincare products specifically for a nighttime routine.

Get Unready With Me ellekae

Spin for Perfect Skin

I begin getting “unready” by cleansing my face.  When I initially ran through my Standard Skincare Routine I was actually using the leading competitors spin brush.  After it stopped working out of the blue I didn’t bother to replace it, mostly because I felt like I had found exfoliating washes that accomplished the same end result.  When I was sent the Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin brush I wasn’t expecting it to be much different from my previous spin brush experience, but I was wrong.  My favorite thing about this spin brush is that it includes 4 specialized attachments: a body brush, a facial cleansing brush, a facial exfoliating brush, and a pumice stone brush for your feet.  I was feeling long over-do for a facial (aka blackheads out of control) before this arrived, but now I feel like my skin is so clear that paying for a facial is the last thing on my mind.  Using code ‘ellekae’ you can receive $70 off the Spin for Perfect Skin and 70% off all other Vanity Planet Face and Body brushes at checkout!

Murad Cleanser

I am constantly trying out new cleansers, thanks in part to my Birchbox subscription, but I always go back to my all-time favorite Murad Essential-C Cleanser.  It gets off even my most stubborn makeup, spare a streak or two of lingering eyeliner.  It is an anti-oxidant rich cleanser that hydrates damaged skin and “awakens the senses” with its bursts of citrus.

Eye Makeup Remover Tips

These Hollywood Fashion Secrets cotton swabs offer precise eye makeup removal for anything that my spin brush and cleanser has left behind.  I hate the feeling of my skin after using standard eye makeup remover and cotton balls, so these little makeup remover snap-tip swabs are ideal for me.  Once the blue end is snapped, the remover formula rushes to the opposite tip.  Bonus points: they’re amazing for travel and general on-the-go.

When Face Masks

Next I like to follow with a brightening face mask, and if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know how frequently I use fiber masks.  When masks just launched at Sephora and use a bio-cellulose sheet– a sort of jelly material made from coconuts.  The When line consists of 5 masks, each targeting a specific skincare need.  I decided to go with a set (4) of Snow Magic masks which aim to clear, brighten, and moisturize skin.  The entire When line is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.  A new favorite, for sure.

Get Unready With Me ellekae
Chanel Beaute Initiale Eye

I’ve been using this Chanel eye cream for years.  I love the consistency and although it doesn’t fully rid me of under-eye circles, I think that speaks more about genetics than anything else.

InstaNatural Retinol Moisturizer

After using the When masks I usually don’t even feel the need for extra hydration, so I alternate nights between masks and retinol moisturizer.  I’ve written about this product before, actually, but it remains a staple in my nightly routine.  Retinol is sort of a holy grail ingredient for skincare, but causes sensitivity in the sunlight.  This moisturizer in particular goes on very thick which I again love for overnight use on my dry skin.

 Beaming White
I like to use my Beaming White teeth whitening system on the nights when I’m not too tired after brushing my teeth.  I introduced this product during my February Favorites post and still use it for maintenance between teeth cleanings.  Beaming White also offers whitening pens for travel, and my exclusive coupon code (‘Kae80’) can still be used for 80% off your order.
Smith’s Lip Balm

Even since moving away from Las Vegas, my lips still get so dry when I sleep.  Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm keeps lips soft and moisturized, but what I like most about it for night is how thick the formula is.  I never wake up to chapped lips– and it’s got a rosy tint which makes it perfect for daytime use as well.

Get Unready With Me ellekae

Spongelle Pedi-Buffer

This Spongelle Pedi-Buffer is similar to the teeth whitening system in that it is perfect for nights when I have more time to get unready and sort of pamper myself.  It is a body wash infused buffer that cleans and buffs to soothe and heel rough feet.  Combined with the Spin for Perfect Skin pumice attachment, a warm bath, and maybe a Lush bath bomb you have the ideal at-home spa pedicure.

Exposed Skincare

I am currently using the Exposed Skincare acne system as spot treatment, although it can be used all over the face if need be.  I don’t tend to break out, but I do have the usual problem areas.  It gets the job done while I sleep so I don’t have to worry about covering any spots with makeup during the day.  You can read a more in-depth review on the entire system in the link above.

Get Unready With Me ellekaetumblr_nr1slcdQBI1qzmob5o1_1280

(Photo above is pre-wash, of course!)

How does your night routine change with the season?


(Some of these items have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions and words are my own)

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“Get Unready with Me | Nighttime Routine”
  • I love Birchbox!

    Have you tried any other teeth whitening products, and what have your results been? I’m thinking of giving activated charcoal a go.

    • Just this gel! I have imperfect teeth so I’m worried the little whitening strips won’t mold well/ be effective

  • What is your favorite night cream for super moisture? I used Dermat something for awhile from the Ulta store (back wall) It was about 70 for a bottle. Any thoughts?

  • I love that you have a skin routine!! We shoud all take care of our skin as you do!!! I have been using Seacret for a little over a year and I look younger now than I did before then and I’m only 30. The products contain minerals from the Dead Sea. There is a complete line of products and it’s a 1-stop shopping location (online) for everything and it’s shipped right to you. I’d love to send you a sample facial regimen for you for free to try out and then just maybe blog your review of it. It could help you expand on different steps in taking care of your skin & the power of the Dead Sea always intrigues people. Although the facial regimen doesn’t include an of the body products, Seacret has you covered head to toe. The products are life-changing!!!!! You can contact me at Thanks!! I look forward to reading more of your blogs!!!!!!!
    -Crystal Tucker

  • Beaming White sounds interesting, especially since I’m pretty low maintenance (read: lazy) when it comes to evening routines. Your pink hair is beautiful, you’re a mermaid!

    • Great questions! lol, I just switched from to a self-hosted site with so a few things have changed — I think you can still “like” my posts, with the little heart symbol at the top of the post and again directly at the bottom. Right now it reads as 0 <3 (because the posts were able to be transferred with comments, but not with likes).

      For following, I'm still trying to figure out if you can Follow with the reader. I transferred my followers, but I'm not sure if I can get new ones that way? Possibly the only way to follow me is to "Subscribe to the Newsletter" in the right hand side, or subscribe via Bloglovin'. Still working on that..

      🙂 Thanks for reading! xx

    • Wait! I searched high and low and think I found a way to embed th follow button. Is it accessible to you, under the email subscribe and above bloglovin’ on the right hand side? LMK if it works please 😀

  • Searching for the “like” button, nice post!.

    I use Saffron-papaya scrub gel from an Indian brand called Vaadi Herbal and it completely makes my pores super clean plus it’s very mild so I can use daily.

    If am wearing heavy eye make up I do the oil cleansing method using jojoba oil with a Q-tip for the lower lashes. I use cotton balls for the eye-lids and then moisturize with my DIY face cream.

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