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french onion phyllo tart

imagine, if you will, a deconstructed french onion soup.  ordering your groceries online (instacart, etc) means that sometimes substitutions are made on your behalf. phyllo tart instead of puff pastry (that will go on to sit in the freezer for months because I have never ever used phyllo dough in my life). two bags of sweet yellow onions instead of two individual sweet yellow onions. this tart came together as

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banana bread with whipped honey butter

the only banana bread I care about is the “banana bread with whipped honey butter and maldon salt” at Great White, a restaurant here in Los Angeles. so naturally, I set out to recreate it. this banana bread isnt overly sweet, taking into consideration the powdered sugar dusting and whipped honey butter it comes dressed in. a little sprinkle of maldon salt at the end perfectly balances it out. you

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