copycat Cava bowls

I went to Cava and I thought… I can make that. So I did! Here are my copycat Cava bowls. Cava sells Mediterranean inspired “Greens + Grains Bowls” and Pita Wraps. Think… a (slightly) healthier version of the Chipotle-style build-your-own fast casual dining.

This culinary adventure was a little labor intensive because the entire concept revolves around a delicious assortment of dips, spreads, sauces, toppings, mains– so there were quite a few individual dishes to make in preparation for the actual copycat Cava bowls.

My Cava order goes like this: a “Greens” base of arugula and baby spinach topped with the “Dips + Spreads” crazy feta and roasted eggplant. Then we add 1/2 roasted vegetables + 1/2 harissa honey chicken, then onto my “Toppings,” fiery Broccoli, persian cucumbers, pickled onions, calamata olives. Finished off with “Dressings,” hot harissa and fluffy garlic. You can watch my video recipe here.


Crazy Feta Dip recipe from Moribyan. I basically just searched Cava dupes on TikTok and google and found this video, then backtracked to the food blog.

Roasted Eggplant Dip recipe from Wanderlust Kitchen.

Roasted Vegetables I only used carrots, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower as that is what Cava uses. Seasoned simply with honey, garlic powder, ground cumin, salt and pepper.

Harissa Honey Chicken recipe from Moribyan, a food creator I love.

Fiery Broccoli recipe straight from Cava themselves.

Pickled Onions + Dill Pickles I prepared a few nights earlier with a basic brine.

Hot Harissa and Fluffy Garlic dressings I purchased from Whole Foods, because I didn’t feel Inspired to make them from scratch.

copycat Cava bowls


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