My Color Correcting Foundation Routine

It took me a long time to finally try color correcting because I always thought it would lead to too heavy of a look, but what’s actually so great about it is that it neutralizes unwanted tones so you can correct instead of conceal and in the end, use less product.  Today I’ve partnered with MEMEBOX to show you my Color Correcting Foundation Routine using their Pony Effect Color Correcting Master Palette in the video below!  I love this palette because the consistency is closer to that of a skincare product than of makeup, so I feel like it blends in a very moisturizing way.

Here’s a little color correcting crash course:

To neutralize blue tones, use an orange corrector.

To neutralize red tones and acne, use a green corrector.

To neutralize yellow tones and dull skin, use a purple corrector.

xx Lauren

(Thank you to MEMEBOX for sponsoring this video.  All opinions and words are my own)


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