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Home Sweet Home Oahu | Photo Diary + Vlog

I don’t go home to Oahu as often as I should, so I try to make the most out of it when I do!  While ten days is far too short to fit in everything I would have loved to do, and to see everyone I would have loved to see, I definitely made a dent eating my way (and drinking my way) across the island.  Come to Oahu with

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What to Pack for Hawaii: Tropical Travel Essentials

When I’m headed somewhere tropical I like to keep my packing really simple and easy– just the essentials!  I usually start by packing my bikinis and working backwards.  As for beauty, my main concern is sun care so it’s really important that all of my hair and skincare products contain UV protection and SPF. Head over to SONOIRE to read the full story! Stay tuned for my Hawaii Vlog coming soon!

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Paris in January | Photo Diary + Vlog

Better late than never, right? Last year I went on a trip to Paris with my BFF, with a day trip to London in between, and shortly after… disaster struck. My hard drive crashed and I lost all video footage and most of my photos. I recently recovered a few clips and thus this mini vlog was born!  Please like and subscribe to my channel for more travel + beauty videos coming soon.

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Tea Time in London | Photo Diary

At long last I was able to recover some photos from London and Paris earlier this year (pro tip:  always always always back up your computer when it reminds you to).  Although we spent most of our time in Paris, we decided to take a day trip to London for a quick change of scenery.  Our goal was to go from Paris to London and through the rabbit hole, for the Mad

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NYC in January | Photo Diary + Vlog

Short, but sweet.  Its starting to seem like I’ll never be in New York for more than three days at a time.  I think if I managed to stay a full week, I would never want to leave.  My best friend and I made a brief layover in New York on the way to Europe for the chance to enjoy early Winter in the city for a few days.  Although I

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January Travels

Starting January off with a bang and lots of jet lag.  While I’ve previously visited about half of these cities before, I try to experience new things during every trip.  I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations on places to go, things to see, and restaurants to dine at!  If you leave me a tip in the comments section below, I’ll try my best to check it out!    

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What’s In My Bag? Christmas Eve Disneyland Edition

Disneyland during the Holidays seems inexplicably more magical than usual, doesn’t it?  On Christmas Eve I took a little road trip to California so my best friend and I could reunite, after months of separation, at “The Happiest Place On Earth.”  The tricky thing about packing for a theme park is bringing all the necessities needed to keep you looking and feeling refreshed, but still packing light enough to be comfortable

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i-D: Model Mother Tongue

Lately I’ve been really enjoying this How To Learn Languages With Models video series by British magazine i-D.  Even though you obviously won’t be fluent by the end of each installment, they’re fun and each filmed in a different quirky style.  There are 10 videos in the still-growing series; here are some of my favorites… Attends, ou est le vin rouge?

Sweet Little Staycation | SLS Las Vegas

This weekend I had a “Sweet Little Staycation” courtesy of SLS Las Vegas.  The SLS Bevery Hills is one of my favorite boutique hotels so I was excited to experience the new location as a guest, and not just a passerby as I have in the past.  Out of the three towers, each with distinct looks and all designed by Philippe Starck, my room was located in the World Tower.

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Beauty on the Go | Travel Tips

Maintaining strong skincare and haircare routines while traveling can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to make more room for shoes in your suitcase.  Although my packing skills still need a little polishing* they’ve improved so much this past year especially in the beauty department.  Here are some products I love to travel with and the tips I always follow. *The understatement of the century

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