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The Eye Cream Dream Team

It took me years to find an eye cream that I was satisfied with.  I had in mind this magical cream that would de-puff the bags under my eyes and remove the dark circles overnight… such a cream does not exist, by the way.  With a full-coverage concealer in hand (to make up for the lack of “magical” eye products in the market) I started to do a little bit

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M.A.C. x Nasty Gal Collection Review

The highly anticipated MAC x Nasty Gal limited edition collection became available this past Thursday, December 4th.  The collection boasted three matte lipsticks and a matching nail lacquer all in deep, sultry shades.  I rushed to the nearest MAC to stock up that same evening and, unsurprisingly, one of the three lipstick shades had already sold out. Although the “bombshell red” Stunner was sold out, it was the “deep violet” Gunner

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Beauty on the Go | Travel Tips

Maintaining strong skincare and haircare routines while traveling can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to make more room for shoes in your suitcase.  Although my packing skills still need a little polishing* they’ve improved so much this past year especially in the beauty department.  Here are some products I love to travel with and the tips I always follow. *The understatement of the century

Holiday 2014 Lust List: Beauty Edit

The Holidays are officially upon us and if you’re anything like me you’ve only just begun to sort out a shopping list.  I’ve been online shopping a lot lately and have compiled some perfect gifts for the beauty obsessed, whether you’re looking for the ideal something for your best friend or even a little treat for yourself.  Don’t even get me started on that Tom Ford set.

KISS InstaWave | An ‘Automatic Curler’ Tutorial

I’m such an infomercial junkie.  The allure is that the products always seem so easy to use and amazingly helpful during the on-screen demonstration, but are hit or miss in person.  The KISS InstaWave fell into a similar category for me; a product that seemed too good to be true (but that I couldn’t wait to try for myself).  Here is a tutorial and review on the KISS InstaWave Fully Automatic

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November Essentials Spree

Yesterday I went on a tiny shopping spree to Sephora, Mac, and Ulta with one goal: to stock up on the essentials.  Although I usually try to leave with at least a handful of out of the ordinary purchases, like a bold lip color or a product from a new brand, this time I tried to stick with the fundamentals that keep me coming back time and time again.

Natural Daytime Look with Nvey Eco Pure Organic Makeup

My day-to-day life is not always the healthiest, so I often find myself looking for a balance wherever I can.  It’s important to remember that what goes onto our body can be just as important as what goes into it, which is why I’m always excited to have the chance to try all natural beauty products.  I was recently introduced to Australian manufactured Nvey Eco Pure Organic Makeup Artistry, a “high performance line achieved without

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Redken's Color Rebel 'Hair Makeup': To Temporarily Dye For

Keeping true to my obsession with vividly colorful hair and just in time for Halloween, I’ve partnered with Redken to introduce to you their newest product line, Color Rebel ‘Hair Makeup.’  Wether you’re dressing in costume or just trying to change your look, Color Rebel is the easy new way to have the dramatic results you want without suffering the follicle-damaging consequences.  I’ll be doing a tutorial and review for two of the five Color

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Gloss Snobbery with Glamour Dolls

The hardest aspect of discovering new budget-friendly makeup is being satisfied with the product quality; I’m a sucker for cute packaging and a promising shade of pink, but too often the formula clumps up and the color falls flat.  Glamour Dolls, the new line by celebrity makeup artist Jessica Romano, is the answer to makeup that is “both adorable and affordable.”  The full line of cruelty-free Glamour Dolls Makeup currently includes two

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Pastel Pink Ladies

I guess you could say I’m just a little obsessed with pastel pink hair lately.  If attaining a pink ‘do didn’t include bleaching my already-damaged hair first, you can bet I’d have done it weeks ago.  I’m so torn.