An Honest Review of Skinny Teatox

As far as ‘diet trends’ go, 100% natural tea detox plans are surely of the more sane variety.  The addition of tea into your diet has countless health benefits, even without the alluring promise of weight-loss.  Just in time for summer I was sent the 14-Day Skinny Teatox program and, being as tea obsessed as I am, I was curious.  Skinny Teatox is currently the #1 teatox in North America and utilizes a combination of special teas and herbs to ‘promote good health and weight loss.’  It is a two-step program that works to increase your metabolism in the morning and detoxify your body at night.  If you are looking to lose massive amounts of weight in two weeks while remaining inactive and eating fast food, then a teatox is not the program for you.  On the other hand, if you are looking to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and cleanse your body then Skinny Teatox may be a perfect match.  Here is my honest review ~

Skinny Teatox Review |

Teatox Program

The Skinny Teatox program includes a loose-leaf daytime tea and a bagged evening tea, as well as a strawberry shaped tea-infuser and an informational brochure.  The program requires you to drink one cup of daytime tea every morning or early afternoon, which contains a special blend of herbs that is meant to supply you with energy throughout the day while increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.  You are to drink the evening tea every other evening, which is aimed towards cleansing and detoxification.  Senna leaf is a main ingredient in the evening tea, causing a laxative effect to flush your digestive tract of toxins that may prohibit weight loss.

The program is advertised to assist you with weight loss, boosted metabolism, cleansing, detoxification, suppressed appetite, increased energy levels.

Suggested Eating Plan

Do Eat:  Apples, bananas, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, kale, cabbage, carrots, spinach, broccoli, lentils, kidney beans, oats, brown rice, whole grains, salmon, tuna, halibut, unsalted nuts, tofu, lean meat, etc.

Don’t Eat:  Fatty meats like bacon and hamburgers, cheese, cream, butter, croissants, biscuits, donuts, rolls, sodas, chips, etc

It is critical to stay hydrated during the teatox, so drink plenty of water.  Your body is also craving electrolytes while it detoxifies, so coconut water and low sugar sports drinks are also recommended additions to your diet.

Skinny Teatox Review |

My Before + After

The fact is, you’ll only get as much out of this Teatox as you put into it.  As long as you are keeping up with your teas, drinking plenty of water, staying active, and avoiding Taco Bell (and all things related) you should see results.  In the past I was at my lightest while I was drinking tea on the regular and I don’t think its a coincidence.  Although I neither took Before + After photos nor recorded my weight, I did keep track of how defined my body lines (read: vague outline of abs) were and how well certain clothes fit.  By Day 14 of drinking my teas according to schedule, jogging a quick 2 miles a day, and eating mainly lean protein and raw vegetables I saw a noticeable difference.  My face was less ‘puffy,’ my rings fit looser, and best of all my stomach was more flat and defined than I had seen in a while.

I attribute all of these positive results not only to the Teatox, but to the healthy lifestyle that the program encourages.  Towards the end of 2014 I wasn’t taking proper care of myself, mind or body, and I had fallen into an unhealthy routine.  The 14-Day and 28-Day Skinny Teatox programs are ideal for shaking up unhealthy routines, like the one I had created for myself.  Even once the program is finished I think you, like me, will be inclined to continue on with a healthier lifestyle.  So while I did see results with the tea, the evening cleanse especially, I most appreciated the thorough outline for health as prescribed by the pamphlet.  You will get much more out of the Skinny Teatox if you view it as a jumpstart to healthy living as opposed to a 14 day fast, which it is not intended for.

As for enjoyment of the product, I’ve read that most people prefer the daytime tea and consider the evening tea to be tasteless.  Personally, I found the opposite; the daytime tea tasted like a very weak green tea, even with prolonged steeping times, and the evening tea was mildly reminiscent of mint.  On the Skinny Teatox website they offer a Chocolate Energy Tea that I’m extremely interested in trying, although you do have to purchase it separately from the 14-Day program.

Skinny Teatox Review |

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience with Skinny Teatox and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.  In what ways are you working towards healthier self this Summer?


(Some of these items have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions are my own)

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