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We grow up watching Disney movies where the princess walks around with hair so luminous and so gravity defying that its no wonder she always gets her prince.  Having princess worthy hair comes down to high-shine and lots of volume, and is easier to achieve than you might think.  Luxury for Princess clip-in hair extensions provide the length, volume, and healthy sheen that would make even Jasmine envious.

Luxury for Princess | EllekaeLuxury for Princess | Ellekae

Before my Luxury for Princess set I hadn’t worn clip-in hair extensions since I had my natural hair color, and I had been missing the extra bit of confidence that comes with long locks.  I was so excited to order them but first I had to address my main concerns in choosing an extension company, which would be quality, color match, and customer service.

Luxury for Princess hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, which is the highest possible grade of extension.  The wefts feature small clips, so they blend easily, and each clip has a silicone strip to keep your hair from tugging or falling out of place.  My hair is of normal texture but very thick density, so I especially love that these extensions are thick from root to tip.  You can do anything to them that you would do to your own hair… and actually they’re softer and healthier than my own hair.  Extensions dry out quicker than your own hair because natural oils don’t reach them, so it’s important to always apply moisturizing treatments as well as heat protectant sprays to maintain this great quality.  The set also includes two extra clips in case yours get damaged, which is an added feature I didn’t notice during my Bellami experience.

Luxury for Princess | EllekaeLuxury for Princess | Ellekae

Currently my hair is light blonde, almost silver, with golden honey balayage highlights.  This placed me between #60 Light Ash Blonde and #60A Pearl Blonde — also the lightest shade of blonde offered on the Luxury for Princess website.  I emailed the contact about my slight dilemma and they recommended Pearl Blonde.  Although I was hesitant to go with their lightest shade, I am so glad I took their advice.  The color match is absolutely perfect, from root to tip, even given my multi-dimensional hair.  If anyone is on the fence about ordering because their hair is uniquely toned, just shoot them an email and they will help you choose the right color almost immediately.  Every email I sent to customer service was responded to within a couple of hours, fully answering any question I had.  They are located in the Netherlands, which is a crazy time difference from Los Angeles, but is also a factor that i never even noticed in communicating with them.  Do they ever sleep?!

Luxury for Princess | EllekaeLuxury for Princess | Ellekae

*Discount Code: Lauren*

The set I went with is called “Princess Glamorous” with 260g of 22″ hair.  For a special princess discount, use code “Lauren” at checkout!  If you have any other questions about ordering, quality, blending, or application feel free to leave it for me in the comments section below.


(Some of these items may have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions and words are my own)

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