5 Best Fiber Lash Extension Mascaras

Eyelashes are by far my favorite feature to exaggerate.  Although I usually wear strip lashes on a daily basis, fiber lash extension mascaras are popping up everywhere have recently started to catch my attention.  Fiber lash extension mascaras boast fluttery, doll-like lashes without the hassle of semi-permanent lash extensions or the possible irritation of strip lashes.  Hate her or love her, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian has the most lust-worthy celebrity eyelashes around; this is the natural yet dramatic look that fiber lash extensions mimic.  They work by bonding tiny fibers to your lashes for extension, then coating with mascara to bond it all together.  While some brands have fused the fiber and top coat into one step, I found that products with split fiber and top coat applications resulted in whispier, clump-free lashes.

*Bonus points for the formulas with nourishing serum in them*


Top 5 Fiber Lash Extension Mascaras

Photo Via Lashem


  1. Lashem Extensions In A Bottle ($30) ~  🌟 Favorite 🌟
    • “The bonding fibers and primer in these brush-on extensions attach to your lashes to create a fuller and more dramatic look. Volumizing mascara formula contains lash enhancing serum, resulting in healthier, stronger lashes through continued use.”
    • Pro: Nourishing for real lashes, safe for natural and synthetic lashes, cruelty free
    • Con: Not water-proof
  2. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System ($35)
    • “The look of false lashes has never been easier or more affordable with this do-it-yourself system that’s an alternative to messy false lashes and expensive lash extensions. The activating mascara base and top coat is designed specifically to melt and seal the Flexistretch nylon fibers into long, thick, dramatic lashes without the risk, mess, or commitment of other false lash alternatives. Unlike traditional fiber mascaras, Better Than False Lashes allows you to dial up the lengthening fibers so you easily get better, longer, thicker, more dramatic lashes instantly.”
    • Pro: Doubles lashes, thicker
    • Con: Very difficult to remove
  3. Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions ($8.99)
    • “Build 4mm of measurable extensions!  Fiber-fix brush has 6 different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement  Breakthrough formula contains fibers up to 4mm in length.  Sealing formula stretches lashes and seals fibers to lashes.  Washable, also available in waterproof formula”
    • Pro: Fluttery, long, never clumpy or spidery
    • Con: Dry formula, does not add volume, less than ideal brush
  4. Tarte Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers ($19)
    • “Get the wide-eyed look of false eyelashes at home without the traditional faux lashes. The lightweight, black sculpting fibers seamlessly build onto your own lashes to achieve a naturally voluminous eye look in three simple steps.”
    • Pro: Black fibers so you can use it with any mascara, good definition
    • Con: Very difficult to remove
  5. Younique 3D Fiber Lashes ($29)
    • “Our simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily wash off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have!”
    • Pro: Doubles length
    • Con: Very spidery looking, clumpy


 How To Apply Fiber Lash Mascara

Photo Via Too Faced

Photo Via Too Faced

PRIME:  I begin by curling my lashes and applying one layer of mascara base/top coat, then allowing to dry.  I find that the fibers stick better to a coat of mascara than they do to my bare lashes.

BUILD:  Extend lashes with fibers, using a gentle patting motion, and apply fibers onto tops of lashes starting at the middle and working outwards toward the tip.

SEAL:  Finally, set them in place with mascara base/top coat to lock in the fibers.

REPEAT:  It may take two or three coats to achieve your desired look. For best results, do not let dry between coats.


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(Some of these items have been sent to me for review, however, all opinions and words are my own)

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