8 Best Modern Incense Burners

A lot of people have strong opinions on the Incense vs. Candles front, but the lack of modern incense burners isn’t doing ‘Team Incense’ any favors.  It just so happens that collecting candles can quickly become an exuberant habit, so I like to buy incense as an alternative way to change the atmosphere of a room.  I also find that the aroma of incense lingers long after it stops burning, as opposed to the scent of a candle which dissipates once blown out.

Though traditionally ceremonial, incense can bring to mind that one hippie aunt we all have and a vibe-of-the-past we don’t necessarily want to emulate in our homes.  Once I began to look, I realized there are a ton of modern incense burners to go with any contemporary home.


Modern Incense Burners


Modern Incense Burners

Etsy, Lily Porcelain Burner

The Dreslyn, Linea Brass Burner

CB2, Said Pyramid Burner

The Dreslyn, Circa Brass Burner

AHAlife, Lonewa Burner No.1

Bespoke Post, Concrete Square Burner

L’Objet,  Thé Russe Burner

World Market, Wood and Bone Burner

There are so many different types of incense, but Japanese Incense is my favorite thus far — bonus points for having, in general, less synthetic ingredients than Indian incense.  How do you create an atmosphere in your space?



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