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How to Give Yourself a Microdermabrasion Facial at Home

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that exfoliates and removes the topmost layer of dry, dead skin cells by use of tiny crystals.  The general idea is that once the stratum corneum (that topmost layer) is removed, the body interprets the exfoliation as a mild injury and rushes to replace the lost skin cells with new and healthy ones.  The skin’s surface is left improved, soft, glowing, and sans blemishes, fine lines, and

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Lancôme Paris #AllEyesOnYou

If you’re stuck in June Gloom and need a reminder that Summer is just around the corner, this is it.  I recently received a package from Lancôme Paris full of the creamiest, most colorful and smudge-resistant eye pencils a girl could ask for — alongside every other vibrant #AllEyesOnYou essentials.  From Drama Liquid-Pencil Extreme to Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner, Lancôme Paris promises high-impact, super pigmented formulas that stay all day and compliment any

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Ultra HD Makeup for the Digital Girl

The new generation of Ultra HD is here!  Make Up For Ever has developed the first line of makeup to provide flawless, invisible coverage under the lens of the new 8 million pixel, 4K camera.  Although many foundation formulas claim to be Photo Finish, Make Up For Ever is the only brand that continues to develop to keep up with latest HD technology.  Continue on for concealer swatches, foundation swatches, and

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Borghese Classic Italian Beauty

I think we all get caught up in routine from time to time.  Personally, I get comfortable with wearing a “natural look” for weeks on end (read as: swipes of mascara with lazily blended concealer and chapstick).  Enter Borghese, a company that “combines classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility,” to remind me that getting dolled up once in a while isn’t a crime. Borghese Beauty was kind enough to send me enough product to

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Battle of the Lip Balms

Lip balms don’t get enough credit.  They may not be able to create a vampy attitude like our favorite dark red lipstick or add that pop of shimmer like our can’t-live-without lip gloss, but without lip balm a perfect pout would never be possible.  Here are the products that have the ability to soothe and nourish even the dryest, most chapped of Winter lips as we transition into dewy, Spring beauty.

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NYC in January | Photo Diary + Vlog

Short, but sweet.  Its starting to seem like I’ll never be in New York for more than three days at a time.  I think if I managed to stay a full week, I would never want to leave.  My best friend and I made a brief layover in New York on the way to Europe for the chance to enjoy early Winter in the city for a few days.  Although I

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