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What to Pack for Hawaii: Tropical Travel Essentials

When I’m headed somewhere tropical I like to keep my packing really simple and easy– just the essentials!  I usually start by packing my bikinis and working backwards.  As for beauty, my main concern is sun care so it’s really important that all of my hair and skincare products contain UV protection and SPF. Head over to SONOIRE to read the full story! Stay tuned for my Hawaii Vlog coming soon!

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Paris in January | Photo Diary + Vlog

Better late than never, right? Last year I went on a trip to Paris with my BFF, with a day trip to London in between, and shortly after… disaster struck. My hard drive crashed and I lost all video footage and most of my photos. I recently recovered a few clips and thus this mini vlog was born!  Please like and subscribe to my channel for more travel + beauty videos coming soon.

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What is Rainbow Masking?! MemeBox BonVivant Jelly Clay Mask Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a new beauty product, so I figured it would be the perfect time to introduce this new trend of “Rainbow Masking.”   I’ve come to recognize that a one-mask-fits-all approach isn’t really working for me anymore.  I would end up spot treating my oil zones only to have to follow up with a sheet mask for my dry areas, doubling the amount of time

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Oversized Off-White Hoodie

It was just another day out in sunny L.A…. well, sort of.  The torrential downpour of late decided to let up for a moment so I stepped out in this oversized Off-White marble hoodie for some fresh air.  I love to borrow from the boys; usually its “streetwear” tee’s but a big hoodie is just as cute and even cozier.  Sneakers seemed like the obvious choice, but I went with some

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Embroidered Denim on Denim

Easy, messy, casual— all keywords I love that are perfectly embodied by this lazy day denim on denim outfit.  I usually prefer a darker wash for a more polished look, but if I’m going light I figure why not really go for it.  The distressed denim with a raw hem makes it a bit extra messy, and the embroidered jacket adds a little extra detail to break it all up.

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Romantic Little Black Skater Dress for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re planning for a big Valentine’s Date Night or a simple Galentine’s Dinner, chances are you’re overthinking what to wear next week.  It’s easy to overdo the reds and pinks on Valentine’s Day, so I like to turn to a staple– the Little Black Skater Dress.  Too many times I’ve purchased a little red dress for a special date night only to then let it collect dust in my closet… a

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